waiting ...

waited patiently
my new iPhone
that pup 
was with its person
 sitting in 
one of Apple's seminars

it appears 
it had to do
drawing on the screen
 of a .. 
i dont know what

 i wasnt close enough to see!

looking up

brooding skies
chimney pots
dormer windows
wires galore
fill the skyscape
drury street

i promise i will get back to sharing photos from nyc ... soon

from the way back machine ...

it looks cold doesnt it?
it was

that was taken 3 years ago on a very cold winter day
i confess i have not taken any new photos since i got back from dublin
i guess i need to get on it

in the window

it aways, in my opinion, pays to look up
this woman 
in her window 
 the noise 
temple bar
very new orleans 
sort of area

morning skies

i always loved seeing those pink skies
til i learned the pink was due to pollution

more dogs of ireland

these pups and their people 
along the walk 
the greystones dart station into 'town'

odds and ends

i think i have almost run out of photos from my recent trip to dublin
one of the things aside from chimney pots i loved were the skies
99.99% of the time it looked as if it were about to not just rain but storm
here are some of my favorite looking up snaps
taken in greystones a short train ride up the irish coast

church of the holy rosary