adopt dont shop!

you still have time to adopt a dog
after all
even tho its winding down
october is adopt a dog month

even on a crowded train
service dogs
can be found 
patiently waiting
 to do their job

heights cafe

my sunday visit to brooklyn heights
scored me quite a few photos

heights cafe
 is a nice little place on hicks street
just off montague

my friend melissa and i had been there before
in fact
we sat at the very same outdoor table last time as this

montague street is a shop filled street
busy with locals and tourists
i am not sure which i am

i took that with my lovely new iphone 8+

street art

driving back 
i spotted 
french artist JR's 
'ellis island children'

if you want to read about it

in the still of the night

a few nights ago 
i went up to our roof 
to see
i could see
 the hunter moon

the skies 
 fairly clear
a few 
stray clouds

on the street

walking to the subway
 in the fall 
in the dark
 its my favorite time of year
nyc never sleeps

thanks in advance

I am reposting this article for
Best Friends Animal Society
an organization
my sister and i support and want to help

there's a 
strut your mutt 
happening in nyc 
9AM - 2 PM
Pier 26 in Tribeca 

Strut Your Mutt: The dog walk in the park that saves animal lives

Strut Your Mutt, a fun dog walk and fundraising event, brings together thousands of passionate people from all across the country to raise money to save the lives of homeless pets. Participants can choose to raise money for Best Friends or for one of hundreds of participating shelters, rescue groups and other animal welfare groups. No matter who you choose to support, the organization you raise funds for gets to keep every dollar you raise. When we strut together, we can Save Them All.
2017 Strut Your Mutt cities:
  • D.C. Metro: October 7
  • Houston, Texas: October 14
  • Jacksonville, Florida: September 30
  • Kanab, Utah (Sanctuary): September 16
  • Los Angeles, California: October 21
  • Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota: September 10
  • New York City, New York: October 7
  • Phoenix, Arizona: October 21
  • Portland, Oregon: September 9
  • Salt Lake City, Utah: October 14
  • San Francisco, California: September 30
  • St. Louis, Missouri: September 23
  • Strut Your Mutt Day: October 28
Please note: Dates and locations are subject to change.
Click here if you are a local rescue or shelter interested in participating in Strut Your Mutt.
Interested in volunteering at an event?
Los Angeles: e-mail
Salt Lake City: e-mail
New York City: email
Atlanta: email
Other cities: e-mail
For all other questions, contact the Best Friends National Events team.
We hope you join us and be a part of this lifesaving event, because by working together, we can Save Them All.

waiting ...

waited patiently
my new iPhone
that pup 
was with its person
 sitting in 
one of Apple's seminars

it appears 
it had to do
drawing on the screen
 of a .. 
i dont know what

 i wasnt close enough to see!

looking up

brooding skies
chimney pots
dormer windows
wires galore
fill the skyscape
drury street

i promise i will get back to sharing photos from nyc ... soon

from the way back machine ...

it looks cold doesnt it?
it was

that was taken 3 years ago on a very cold winter day
i confess i have not taken any new photos since i got back from dublin
i guess i need to get on it

in the window

it aways, in my opinion, pays to look up
this woman 
in her window 
 the noise 
temple bar
very new orleans 
sort of area

morning skies

i always loved seeing those pink skies
til i learned the pink was due to pollution

more dogs of ireland

these pups and their people 
along the walk 
the greystones dart station into 'town'

odds and ends

i think i have almost run out of photos from my recent trip to dublin
one of the things aside from chimney pots i loved were the skies
99.99% of the time it looked as if it were about to not just rain but storm
here are some of my favorite looking up snaps
taken in greystones a short train ride up the irish coast

church of the holy rosary

glasnevin cemetery

one fine morning 
 i was in 
we took a bus

(full disclosure this is from the bus ride back)

the very beautiful 

that incredible tree looms above some monuments

birds circling overhead

birds nestled in trees

the cafe which is part of the museum

and a section that hasnt yet been restored

its an incredible place
i love cemeteries
they are peaceful and filled with interesting headstones
this particular cemetery
with its rich history
brought me to tears